Volunteers Packing Food


Prepare Ingestable Goods


It is important to care properly for foods, drinks and medicines when preparing for a tent fumigation.


Some of this prep includes:

  • Disposal of unwanted food items

  • Foods and medicines located in refrigerators, freezers, pantries and throughout the home (maybe the garage) must be double-wrapped in fume approved bags in a process specified by the gas (Vikane) company.

  • Other ingestables such as mouthwash must be cared for.

  • Pet foods and medicines must be wrapped.

  • Knowing what does not need to be wrapped.

  • - and much more.


Our prep experts will come prepared with all supplies and tools needed (we'll even bring extra bags in case you were not provided a sufficient amount from your fumigation company).

Have​ these tasks completed efficiently and with care by the experts here at VitalPrep. 


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